Flexitank or Flexibag is a flexible container used for bulk transportation of non-hazardous liquids, made of four inner layers of polyethylene (PE) and one outer layer of polypropylene (PP). Capacity from 16,000 to 24,000 liters and suitable for positioning 20′ containers according to ISO standards. Flexitank is a disposable product and is the most cost-effective mode of transportation for products such as chemicals, rubber, wines, oils and juices.

The time required to position a flexitank ranges from 20 to 30 minutes. After completion, the only thing left to do is connect the hose to the flexitank and operate the pump to start pumping the goods. Depending on the viscosity of the product, pumping can take as little as 45 – 90 minutes. The flexitank containers and the goods inside can be transported by road, rail or sea.

The overall benefit of using flexitank is that consumers achieve cost efficiency when compared to other shipping methods such as ISO containers, IBCs or drums.
1. Easy to locate and destroy

2. Light weight structure

3. Materials suitable for food transportation

4. Specially designed for bulk liquid transportation

5. Significant savings in logistics costs compared to tank trucks

6. Save 30-40% compared to other packaging methods such as drums and IBC

7. No need to clean the container because it is a disposable product

8. Reduced risk of contamination compared to other packaging methods
9. Compatible with all modes of transport

10. Suitable for transporting most foods

* We currently supply Flexitank with 4 valve models as follows:

1. Top pump / top discharge (Top Center)

2. Top / bottom discharge (Top Bottom)

3. Bottom pump / bottom discharge (Bottom Bottom)

4. Bottom/bottom pump (Bottom Bottom) has automatic air release valve.